Tips For Bathing Your Dog That Will Make Things Much Easier

You want to bathe your dog, but you naturally need to keep a few things in mind. You want your dog to be safe, comfortable, and you would like to the bathing session to move quickly and be easy on you, too. Bathing your dog can be fun for both you and your pet. Yet dogs have their own reactions, and their enjoyment when getting a bath will be individual to them, no matter what you do. However, the following can be done to ensure the bathing process goes smoothly.

Don’t even think about reaching for your own shampoo. That’s not what you use to bathe a dog. You might consider that using baby shampoo is okay instead, but make the choice to get pet shampoo instead. There are some great all-natural dog shampoos that contain the best ingredients. You can also get a great recommendation from your vet if you are unsure as to the best shampoo to use.

Before you even break out the shampoo and put your dog in the bath, it is actually a good idea to brush his or her coat. Some dogs have more fur than others. Regardless, brushing is a good idea, for more than one reason. Dogs like to get brushed, it helps maximize the benefits of bathing your pet and it also keeps so much hair from trying to collect in the bathtub drain. It’s a win-win-win when you decide to brush your dog before giving him or her a bath.

Dogs can be a little nervous when bathing. Therefore, you might want to introduce towels aside from the one you use to dry your dog. In other words, you can put one underneath your dog in the tub for traction. It not only helps your dog, but it keeps him or her feeling comfortable. You can even drape a towel over your dog, and you can use it to clean or ‘agitate’ the fur and skin with the right shampoo. Put those tips into play, and you will have a happier dog when it’s bath time.

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