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What we breed for: a medium sized very stocky /thick build, with a short back, bully appearance, short nose (very bully), red/liver or black nose, extreme muscle tone, agile, good breathers, and conformationally correct bulldog. To us proportion matters more than the size of the dog. We see a lot of breeders that have 150 pound dogs that have super long backs, tiny bone, and pointer noses... that is NOT OUR TYPE OF BULLDOG! All of our dogs are capable of living outside in the Florida heat and sun where the weather is very hot and extremely humid in the summer months, and temperatures can reach the triple digits ! Take a look at our dogs and you will see the type of consistency we breed for.

"What you see is what you get"
We want a dog that we are proud to have on the end of a leash,
one that acts like a Bulldog and looks like a bulldog !


Our American Bulldogs are the Johnson / Bully type. We breed for an extreme bully look, short back, huge noggin, agile, protective, big bone, and extremely athletic. Although we do breed for short bully noses, we do not want a dog that has to be in the air conditioning all the time. Our American bulldogs do great outdoors. We tend to favor a lot of different colors when matching a breeding pair... red / brindle etc. We do also regularly get white puppies, but they are just that... WHITE ! We see a lot of breeders that breed white dogs that have SPOTTED bodies and pigment (like a Dalmatian). We try very hard to stay away from dark spotted up skin and coats. We also have people call us all the time about 150 pound monster bulldogs that they have found litters out of, wanting to know if this is the type American Bulldog we breed for. When we go look at what they are referring to we see 150 pound dogs that look like overgrown pitbulls.Look at our dogs and you will see the type we breed for ! TYPE plays a bigger factor in our breeding program than size does. It goes back to the proportion of the dog... that is what matters most to us !



Our Olde English Bulldogges are bred for a particular look and style. We like them extremely bully (very short nose), but not to the extreme that they have breathing problems. We like them , thick, short backed, huge heads, and super thick bone. We tend to like a tighter body with great muscle mass. Again proportion is key when producing bulldogs... We llike them compact and bully ! We breed Oldies that are very healthy and agile, we do not breed for a dog that has to be in the air conditioning all the time. We get a ton of calls from people stating they want a fat, short, squishy dog and they ask if that is what we breed for, it is not. We breed for a dog that is healthy and not going to have a heatstroke on a mildly warm day, and a dog that is healthy, not a 70 to 100 pound overgrown sloppy english bulldog.


PRICE: Most of our puppies are $1500 and up. We may occasionally have "pet quality" puppies available, which are priced less according to the quality of the dog.


Deposits are $500 for puppies that have not yet been born, once the puppy is on the ground deposits are 1/2 of the purchase price. Puppies must be paid in full before 6 weeks of age. We will occasionally work out payment plans for buyers, please email us and let us know what you can work with.


Shipping: NEVER LET our location determine where you get a dog from, although we are in Florida shipping is extremely easy and fairly inexpensive. Shipping / health certificate/ crate in the US normally runs about $350.00. We will ship ANYWHERE in the world as long we feel it is a good home.


Thanks for the interest in our dogs... Tom


"Nobody even comes close"






Boneheads Bullies is located between Mobile Alabama and Pensacola Florida.

Call Tom at Phone # (850)255-6192
anytime before midnight central time


email: bones@boneheadsbullies.com





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Boneheads Bullies breeds health tested, quality bulldog puppies. We would love to have you as a member of our bulldog puppy family. We breed for great temperament, health, and good hips. Our American Bulldog puppies are generally thick boned, short nose, (bully) and of the Bully / Johnson JDJ type. If you are interested in a purebred English bulldog puppy we strive for good health, short, stocky, and thick bulldogs with tons of wrinkles. We also breed top show quality Olde English bulldogge puppies, we like them thick, medium build, and with super short noses. We register our bulldogs with many different registries.. this normally depends on how the new owner wants their new puppy registered. Our puppies are of show quality. We register with the National Kennel Club, NKC Continental Kennel Club, CKC, International Olde English Bulldogge Association, IOEDA, AKC American Kennel Club, Our puppies come with a health guarantee and can be shipped WORLDWIDE! American Bulldog Breeder, American Bulldogs Breeder, Oldie, Olde English bulldog breeder, olde english bulldoggee breeders, english bulldog breeder, breedings, puppy, puppies, quality, health tested, temperament. Our pedigrees include: Barbosa's China Doll, Barbosa's Bulldozer Bo, Barbosa's Incredible Breeze, WAB's Bruiser Bo, Brewer's Raging Storm, JJ's Big Buster, Barbosa's All that Jazz Blackwell's Deacon, MGK's Buckeye Slammer, Peeler's Chief, Wheeler's Mean Machinette, MGK's Bam Bam, MGK's Buckeye Katie Mae, Monster Island's Disgruntled, Mullen's Bubba, Ironhead's Tequilla, Reda's Krunch, Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan, Frank's Harley, Shawn-Kris' Harley, Shawn-Kris' Leonna, MGK's Bam Bam, MGK's Tulsa, Shawn-Kris' Poncho, MGK's Mountain Gator Red, MGK's Bullseye, Loggerhead, Destiny's Child, Dailey's Hobo, KMK Mufassa, Hot Tottie, Tug O War, Dailey's five alarm chili, MGK Tyson, Mustang Sally, MGK Brahma the Bull, MGK Stumpy Red, Opie won Kenobi, King Mufassa, Maple Grove's Miss Bully, MGK's Brahma the Bull, MGK's Stumpy Red, MGK's Mountain Gator Red, MGK's She's a Doozy, Johnson's Dick the Bruiser II , Manstopper's Rufus, Manstopper's Beamer, JJ's Big Buster, Barboosa's All That Jazz, WAB Bruiser Bo, Barbosa's Incredible Breeze, MGK's Bam Bam, Barboosa's All That Jazz, Manstoppers King Caleb, King Mufassa, Dailey's Mustang Pete, Dailey's Venus Man Trap, Hot Tottie, MGK Brahma the Bull, MGK'S Brahma the Bull, MGK'S Gator Red, MGK's She's a Doozy, Dailey's Tug O War, Symmes Rip n Woody, Symmes Slashin Sheena, Johnson's Dozer Bruno, Ruby Farneti