How To Exercise Your Dog

Dogs enjoy playing and running around. It is a good way to ensure that you keep your dog fit. If you are wondering how to get your dog to exercise, this shouldn’t be too hard. Dogs naturally start doing the activity that their caregiver is doing. Here are some tips for exercising your dog.

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Jump On The Treadmill

Once you get on the treadmill, you can have your dog run beside you. There are mini treadmills that you can get your dog. This will be just the same as running or jogging. With time, the dog will get tired. You should ensure that you have some water for the dog in its bowl so that it does not get dehydrated.

Go For A Swim

Dogs are naturally good swimmers. If you have a pool, you can jump in with the dog and swim. 20 to 30 minutes should be enough exercise for both you and your dog. Ensure that it is warm outside so that you and your dog do not get cold. You can also have a ball in the pool and throw it into the water then have your dog fetch it. This will be very good exercise for the dog.

Go To A Dog Park

If you live in an area where there is a dog park nearby, you can take you do there. The walk to the park will be good exercise. Once you get there, play with a frisbee or let the dog play with any other dogs in the park. Make sure that you always have sight of where your pet is so that you do not lose them. You can have a GPS collar so that you do not get worried about the dog running off.

Go For A Jog Or Run In The Woods

If you love to jog or run take your dog with you. You will be surprised how much they will enjoy it. The woods are filled with small animals that your dog will enjoy chasing. Make sure that you have a way to track the dog so that it does not get lost when chasing after rabbits or any other animals in the woods. Sometimes you should let your dog lead the way. If you take the same route every day, the dog may get bored of the same old sites. Follow the dog close behind and let them know their surroundings.

Tug Of War

This is one sport that dogs love. Get a rope and play tug of war with your dog. It maximizes their jaw strength and keeps you fit too. It is a great way of exercising your hands and shoulders. If you are tired you can tie the rope to a pole and let the dog pull on it. You will have to guide it so it can catch on.

All these are great ways to exercise with your dog. If it is rainy, try running up the stairs with them. You should also find neighbors with dogs and do activities with them.

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