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"What you see is what you get"
We want a dog that we are proud to have on the end of a leash,
one that acts like a Bulldog and looks like a bulldog !

Check out our Produced Page to see the type of bulldog we breed for, if you like what you
see then email or call to put a deposit down on your next bulldog puppy !



FEMALE | Pounder

This lil gal is simply gorgeous. Her name is pounder, as in "ground pounder"... lol Yep, she is just as wide as she is tall.... Super sweet temperament, and loves to play. Sweet sweet sweet bulldog.


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pictures of Pounder






MALE | Whopper

Meet Mr. Chocolate Whopper. Yep... liver nose and a chocolate bodysuit. He is super sweet and a very easy keeper. Loves to snuggle, yep he thinks he is a lapdog... so he's gonna be one huge lapdog sometime soon.


MALE | Stormy

Meet Stormy, he is a hoot... just the life of the party. Very gentle yet protective of his family. He
acts just like a bulldog should !
This dog reminds me so so so much of Boneheads Boner and Boneheads Nail. Going to be a super nice showdog.

Click here to see more pics of Stormy!




MALE | Red

This little guy is super super super energetic... always ready to do whatever and is a total attention HOG. Conformation is PERFECT, temperament is PERFECT... Would love to keep him but you can't keep them all !!!!

















Also check out our breedings page for upcoming puppies.

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Boneheads Bullies is located between Mobile Alabama and Pensacola Florida.

Call at Phone # (850)255-6192
anytime before midnight central time







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Boneheads Bullies breeds health tested, quality bulldog puppies. We would love to have you as a member of our bulldog puppy family. We breed for great temperament, health, and good hips. Our American Bulldog puppies are generally thick boned, short nose, (bully) and of the Bully / Johnson JDJ type. If you are interested in a purebred English bulldog puppy we strive for good health, short, stocky, and thick bulldogs with tons of wrinkles. We also breed top show quality Olde English bulldogge puppies, we like them thick, medium build, and with super short noses. We register our bulldogs with many different registries.. this normally depends on how the new owner wants their new puppy registered. Our puppies are of show quality. We register with the National Kennel Club, NKC Continental Kennel Club, CKC, International Olde English Bulldogge Association, IOEDA, AKC American Kennel Club, Our puppies come with a health guarantee and can be shipped WORLDWIDE! American Bulldog Breeder, American Bulldogs Breeder, Oldie, Olde English bulldog breeder, olde english bulldoggee breeders, english bulldog breeder, breedings, puppy, puppies, quality, health tested, temperament. Our pedigrees include: Barbosa's China Doll, Barbosa's Bulldozer Bo, Barbosa's Incredible Breeze, WAB's Bruiser Bo, Brewer's Raging Storm, JJ's Big Buster, Barbosa's All that Jazz Blackwell's Deacon, MGK's Buckeye Slammer, Peeler's Chief, Wheeler's Mean Machinette, MGK's Bam Bam, MGK's Buckeye Katie Mae, Monster Island's Disgruntled, Mullen's Bubba, Ironhead's Tequilla, Reda's Krunch, Blackwell's Black-Eyed Susan, Frank's Harley, Shawn-Kris' Harley, Shawn-Kris' Leonna, MGK's Bam Bam, MGK's Tulsa, Shawn-Kris' Poncho, MGK's Mountain Gator Red, MGK's Bullseye, Loggerhead, Destiny's Child, Dailey's Hobo, KMK Mufassa, Hot Tottie, Tug O War, Dailey's five alarm chili, MGK Tyson, Mustang Sally, MGK Brahma the Bull, MGK Stumpy Red, Opie won Kenobi, King Mufassa, Maple Grove's Miss Bully, MGK's Brahma the Bull, MGK's Stumpy Red, MGK's Mountain Gator Red, MGK's She's a Doozy, Johnson's Dick the Bruiser II , Manstopper's Rufus, Manstopper's Beamer, JJ's Big Buster, Barboosa's All That Jazz, WAB Bruiser Bo, Barbosa's Incredible Breeze, MGK's Bam Bam, Barboosa's All That Jazz, Manstoppers King Caleb, King Mufassa, Dailey's Mustang Pete, Dailey's Venus Man Trap, Hot Tottie, MGK Brahma the Bull, MGK'S Brahma the Bull, MGK'S Gator Red, MGK's She's a Doozy, Dailey's Tug O War, Symmes Rip n Woody, Symmes Slashin Sheena, Johnson's Dozer Bruno, Ruby Farneti